Theo Epstein, Cubs agree on contract

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Theo Epstein, Cubs agree on contract Empty Theo Epstein, Cubs agree on contract

Post  anylove on Thu Oct 13, 2011 4:06 am

Theo Epstein already helped break the curse of The Bambino. Now, he’s taking on the Billy Goat.
Theo Epstein, Cubs agree on contract Epstein_jpg_1329597cl-8
Epstein and the Chicago Cubs have agreed to a five-year deal worth nearly $20-million, according cheap nhl jerseys to As part of the agreement, the Cubs will pick up the conclusion bonus of Epstein’s Red Sox deal.

The Cubs, which cheap jerseys parted ways with Jim Hendry earlier this season, met with Epstein twice. Cubs owner Tom Ricketts spoke with Epstein last week and team president Crane Kenney met him Chicago last weekend.

Because Epstein has one year left on his deal in Boston, the Red Sox will receive prospects and/or cash,nfl jerseys cheap but no major league players would be part of the deal, according to

Epstein is believed to be obtaining a higher title with the Cubs that extends beyond the executive vice president/general manager role he had in nine years with the Red Sox.

Following a September collapse, the Red Sox were eliminated fromcheap jerseys from china postseason contention on the final day of the season, leading to the departure of manager Terry Francona, and now, Epstein.

When Chicago first surfaced as a possible destination for Epstein, Red Sox ownership downplayed the possibility, though they never definitively dismissed it.

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