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Stuff that I don't need for sale Empty Stuff that I don't need for sale

Post  Boog00 on Wed Apr 14, 2010 9:08 pm

Stuff that I don't need for sale Gs-littlegirl

- I have these items for sale. Smile

- Trades are welcomed but I am most likely wanting to sell these.
- Questions are welcomed so don't be afraid to ask.
- Some prices can be haggled down a bit but no lowballers.

Blu-Ray DVD

Bridge to Terabithia $12 shipped

GBA boxes

The following are empty GBA boxes:

Breath of Fire II $5
Drill Dozer $5
Final Fight One (Import) $5
Gunstar Super Heroes $5
Metal Gunslinger (Import) $5
Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story $5
Summon Knight: Swordcraft Story 2 $5
Tales of Phantasia $5
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $5
Teen Titans $5
Teen Titans 2 $5

Or take the GBA box lot for $55 shipped


Contact (complete) Traded to Jetblue
Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble (complete) Traded to Jetblue


Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (regular edition, complete) $22 shipped


Gears of War (complete) $22 shipped
The Last Remnant (complete) $22 shipped

Take both games for $44 shipped


Fat style sega saturn controller pad $12 shipped

PC Engine

The following are empty cases with just the manual:

Daisenpu empty case with manual
Obocchama-kun empty case with manual
Operation Wolf empty case with manual
Peach Boy Vol. 32 empty case with manual
Shubibinman empty case with manual
Youkai Douchuuki empty case with manual

Take the rest for $45 shipped

Super Famicom/Super Nintendo

Actraiser (loose) JPN
Dark Half (boxed) JPN
Donkey Kong Country (loose) JPN
Donkey Kong Country 2 (loose) JPN
Dragon Knight IV (boxed) JPN
Fatal Fury 2 (loose) US
Lennus (boxed) JPN
Street Fighter II Turbo (loose) JPN
World Heroes 2 (loose) JPN

Take all for $65 shipped


Dogbone NES controller (loose) $13.50 shipped
Kirby's Adventure (cart) Traded to Jetblue


Metal Head $10 shipped
Virtura Fighter $10 shipped
Virtual Racing $10 shipped

Take them all for $30 shipped

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